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Gegege no Kitaro

皆で謡う ゲゲゲのゲ

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Birthdate:Apr 26
Ge ge gegege no ge
Asa wa nedoko de gugugu
Tanoshiina tanoshiina
Obake nya gakkou mo shiken mo nannimo nai
Ge ge gegege no ge
Minna de utaou gegege no ge

BIOGRAPHY: Born crawling from the grave of his mother, Kitaro is the last of the Ghost Tribe. He fights to maintain a peaceful coexistence between the Yokai and the Humans, though he does not like to identify himself as a "hero of justice," and will occasionally perform morally gray actions to achieve his goals -- although he strives not to harm humans. He lives with the remnants of his father, a single eyeball, in a hut in the middle of a swamp.

ABILITIES (Taken from his Anime incarnation):
- Hair needles: The ability to shoot his hair in a barrage of tiny spiked needles or (in one case) as a larger spear.
- Hand Gun: His hand can shoot bullets from its fingers, and even detach completely should he need it to.
- Chochanko: The vest he wears, made from the hair of his ancestors, is capable of growing to immense sizes and trapping things within it, corporeal or incorporeal.
- Remote-Control Geta: His shoes can double as offense weapons, and are controllable from a distance.
- Ocarina: While used to call Itten Momen, it also can be used as a whip and baton, and its music can have magical properties in its own right, including the ability to harm spirits.
- Inner Electricity: His strongest attack, in which he channels electricity from his own body; anything that contacts him is shocked.
- Body Control: He is capable of manipulating his body in extreme fashions in times of extreme need, up to even hiding his own soul should he need to.

- Medama-Oyaji: Kitaro's father, who only had an eyeball left to reincarnate into. He loves tea baths, and is very wise.
- Neko Musume: A bakeneko who takes on the appearance of a young girl, but whose yokai side shows when she is angry. Has a bit of a crush on Kitaro.
- Nezumi Otoko: A half-yokai, half human who'd sell your mother in a heartbeat -- and charge you the shipping fee. Despite this and his tendency to turncoat at the drop of a pin, he remains a friend of Kitaro's. He has almost never bathed in his 300 years of existence, and his breath can drop a fly from ten meters away.
- Sunakake Baba: A witch who uses sand in a myriad of ways. One of Kitaro's wisest friends, she runs a yokai apartment building.
- Konake Jijii: An old man who acts like a baby sometimes; his ability is to turn to stone and become increasingly heavy.
- Itten Momen: A living piece of white cloth who flies.
- Nurikabe: A large walking stone wall who can grow and shrink at will.

((Gegege no Kitaro and Hakaba Kitaro are property of Shigeru Mizuki. No money is being made in this blatant internet impersonation.))
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